Fandom Fundraising Activities

Copying from [info]leiyah_chan's blog, here are the list of places where we can send our help or participate in helping with Japan's situation.


Fundraising for Japan
([info]arashi_on )
Inline with their success with the Haiti earthquake fundraising, arashi_on once again initiated a fundraising activity for Japan earthquake victims. As of March 20, the group was able to raise $17,822. The activity works like a bazaar or marketplace where fans can offer up or "sell" their SERVICES (graphics, translations, subs, etc.) for small amounts. All proceeds will then go into one account (e.g. Red Cross) as donation. JE fans are encouraged to join

Fundraising Garage Sale ([info]arashi_on )
Along with the main fundraising activity as stated above, arashi_on initiated yet another fundraising activity by asking fans to sell off their items or goods for a garage sale. Again, this fundraising activity focuses on selling ITEMS / GOODS and not SERVICES.

Inori: Ongaku Society Gives Back
A J-rock/J-pop benefit gig for the disaster relief operations in the Tohoku and Kanto regions of Japan. Inori means “a prayer” in Japanese. All proceeds will go to Japan (through Japan Red Cross via Global Giving).
Event will be held on April 2, 2011 from 6PM to 2AM of the following day at Androsia, 58B Timog Avenue (beside The Imperial Palace Hotel), South Triangle, Quezon City.
Tickets @ 150; includes one drink.
UP Tomokai Buy a T-Shirt Support Projects

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR JAPAN! BUY A “がんばれ日本” SHIRT FOR PHP250. All proceeds will be donated to assist the Japan earthquake relief and recovery efforts.

Using credit card reward points as donation ([info]tangiblewhimsy )
This is actually a very useful post shared by [info]tangiblewhimsy . Instead of using money to donate, you can use your credit card reward points as donation. Capital One and American Express are actually giving out this option for their card users.

JE Family Fundraising
A joint community of the various JE fandoms that aims to help Japan through this fundraising project. Various auctions are held in this group to help generate funds for the project.

The group was created March 11 to raise funds in helping Japan. This is a multi-fandom, multi-media auction group which aims on ONLY one thing: Helping Japan. The group offers SERVICES and ITEMS for interested participants to check out.

Arashians for Quake Relief / AQR
We all know for a fact that SUBS are one of the most essential "necessity" when it comes to fandom. This group is using this simply stated fact to help out Japan. This is a group of Arashian communities which collaborate for one special project. They release subs PUBLICLY in exchange for donations. Kudos to this team! <3

FAITO 皆さん!がんばっれ日本!
A Facebook page made by fans to collect various support messages for Japan earthquake victims.

Japan, Please Smile Again (Cool & Soul: fifth region, Chile Arashi fanbase)
Japan, Smile Again Blogspot
It is said that in Japan, for one's wish to be fulfilled, one has to fold a thousand paper cranes. This support group aims to do just that. "Cool @ Soul" asks fellow fans to fold paper cranes (origami), take a picture of it and send the photo to them via email.

Ganbare Nippon Project
"Ganbare Nippon Project" is a support group which aims to create a MV of fans holding a "GANBARE" photo. All you have to do is download and print their specially made graphic and take a photo of yourself (or with fans) with the graphic hiding your face (like, place it in front or over your face). You can be creative with the shot.

repost: Kim Hyun Joong Facebook Promo Trivia Contest THE FACE SHOP PHILIPPINES


1.) Only FB Friends of Love TfSPhil can join the contest.
2.) A person can only win once during the promo period.  Thus, if a previous winner is able to post first the correct answer, the 2nd person who posts the correct answer will be considered the winner.
3.) Format to be followed in posting your trivia answer:
    a. Full Name (as it appears on Valid ID)
    b. Email Address
    c. The Face Shop Branch where claiming of prize will be done
    d. Answer to trivia question
4.) Winners will be announced on a daily basis via
    a.) posting winner names on the FB wall
    b.) emailing the winners
5.) Prize will be released at the preffered TFS branch of the winner (as indicated in her(his) answer on the trivia question) upon the presentation of the ff:
    a.) 1 valid ID with picture (note: name on the valid ID's must be exactly the same as the name on the winning FB post/answer)
    b.) printout of email notification from the The Face Shop Marketing
6.) Date of claiming of prize will be communicated to the winner via email.

The Face Shop Promo - Kim Hyun Joong trivia contest

Love Tfsphil Start reading up about Kim Hyun Joong! Our FB trivia promo starts on Dec. 1 already! Everyday we will post a trivia question about KHJ, and the first person to post the correct answer gets P3,000-worth of The Face Shop products and 1 KHJ tumbler in exchange for a P1,000-worth TFS receipt. This promo will run from Dec. 1 to 15! This means we have 1 winner everday for 15 days! :-)

(add LOVE TFSPHIL on your facebook for more updates)

Announcement: The Face Shop Promo - Kim Hyun Joong Face Shop Posters at the KPOPCON this December 11, 2010

ok my previous entry says that i was told by one of one of our tsph admins that she was told that the items such as posters and folders will not make it in time for this year's kpop con on December 20, 2010 at the PICC.  but that was a week ago and there could have been changes and by some miracle the face shop philippines does bring the items in time and have ironed out their dealings with the organizers of the kpop con. and today i was answered a question as to when kim hyun joong's posters will be given out for their promo.


as per the conversation above it shows that this facebook account claims that the promo for the free kim hyun joong poster will begin this week on november 24 after their current promo, here is done:


well the pictures below are just the Christmas promo pix from the face shop korea.




it's a wish


that these


would be given out instead


but most likely it will be this kind of poster held by HyunJoong that will be given out.


as per the same conversation with the LoveTFSPhil facebook account there will also be tumblers given away as a promo from Dec1 til the end of the month(year).  grabe, tapos na ang 2010, just like that! la lang random comment.

MY INFORMATION IS ONLY ABOUT A WEEK APART.  so before you start buying anything starting on the 24th of November, i suggest you make it clear with the face shop store managers of the face shop branches you go to that there will be posters at the kpop con.  and save you a trip and timing.
ALSO DON'T LOOSE your receipts as they will be used to redeem the poster(s) at the  KPOP Con at the PICC on December 11, 2010.

[VIDEO] FANGURLS in Kpop Night Singapore! Fancam of SNSD performing "Gee"

Oh yeah, you read it right. I was at Korean Pop Night in Singapore last October 23. I had my trusty Lumix digicam with me, and took a few fancam videos. Here's SNSD performing "Gee":

Any other Pinoys who was at Kpop Night? Share your fancams with us!

[VIDEO] Aimee Lee Lucas has a message for Pinoy VIPs

Movement Lifestyle dancer/choreographer Aimee Lee Lucas, who has worked with Big Bang and 2NE1 among others, was in town for a few days and on October 11, she held two informal fanmeets in Makati. She recorded this special message for T.O.P. Philippines and I Heart Big Bang/Pinoy VIPs on the party for T.O.P.'s birthday on November 6.

She was so warm and sweet and her fans had the time of their lives.


Details to follow. For reservations, email your full name, email and mobile to